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Q: Where do we meet at the lake?
A: You can park in the pool parking lot! We will meet right off the first right entrance off Austin Parkway. Then take the sidewalk to the right of the pool around to the back of the family swimming pool, and you will see our boards set up there. 

Q: Are the teachers qualified for water safety?

A: Yes, the Awakened Yoga SUP teachers will all be SUP yoga certified, CPR certified and have water rescue training. Your safety is our number one priority. 

Q: What do I wear?  
A:  You can wear anything you like to get hot and sweaty in. The best thing to wear is anything that is water and sweat wicking, whether that be yoga clothes or your swimsuit, however cotton clothing can be a little drippy and wet. Really, anything you like to wear to Grace's Hot Power Flow class will work great!

Q: Do I have to know how to swim?
A: Yes, the lake water is 10 to 15 foot deep and if you happen to fall off your board into the water you MUST know how to swim back up to the surface and get back on your board. If you are not a confident swimmer you will be required to wear a life jacket throughout class. Due to safety reasons all students will be required to have a life jacket on their BOGA YOGA boards, but please notify the teacher ahead of class if you feel uncomfortable around the water. 

Q: Do I have to fall in? OR Will I fall in?
A: Well...this is a question you have to answer for yourself. Some students have a goal to go for it and fall in as many times as they would like and other students never want to fall in. We want you to feel as comfortable in this class like you would any other yoga class. It will get a little hot, especially since it is summer time out on the water, so sometimes its good to just go for it and twist a little too far in your chair pose so you get a nice cool splash. If you do fall in, we will be there to cheer you on, falling in can add to your experience. 

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will notify you one hour prior to class time, if it is just raining class will continue on as scheduled, the element of rain can add an amazing experience to your practice. However, if it is storming (thundering and lightening) then we will cancel class and you will be able to reschedule your class for a different day. 

Q: What should I bring to SUP, do I need a towel?...TELL ME WHAT TO BRING!
A: You should bring the same stuff you would take to the pool or beach. Please bring sunscreen, a towel and WATER! Please do not bring your fancy sunglasses or jewelry out on the boards because there are not any scuba divers at the lake to get them for you if they happen to fall off of your body during your practice. 

Q: A two hour SUP yoga class seems like a long time out on the water, are we doing yoga that entire time?
A: No, we will do an introduction to paddling and then you will have time to use your new paddling skills to paddle around First Colony Lake. After that we will let you know when its time to paddle over to our floating studio, we will have a one hour yoga class and then there will be time at the end for pictures and more paddling play.

Q: I'm so excited for class, since I live so close is it okay that I bring my entire family including my dog to watch us participate in the class?
A: Although this is an out of the box, fun type of yoga class...we still want it to be just that, a yoga class. We highly encourage you to leave your family at home and come to class with no distractions. If you are a First Colony resident your family can use the Aquatic Center facilities while you are in class. We just ask that you please be mindful for your other fellow SUP yogis.

Q: My child would love this, can I sign us both up for class?
A: Yes, anyone 14 and older can come to class as long as they can swim!  

Q: You are going to take my picture, right? I have to post this on Instagram and Facebook!
A: Yes, we will have an assistant each class that will be your main support if you need anything out on the water, but the other job the assistant will do is take amazing pictures when you are at your edge in your poses. We will then post these pictures on our facebook page ( so be sure to "Like" our page so you can see your pictures and details about upcoming classes. 

Q: Am I going to be able to purchase cool Awakened Yoga SUP swag?
A: YES! We will have apparel and such soon for you to purchase at the lake or in Awakened Yoga Studio. Stay tuned and wear your Awakened Yoga SUP gear proud!

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