The Burn Before The Bird

This class is taught by:

Lauren Dawson

Lauren completed her 200-hour teacher training with Awakened Yoga in 2014. She was first introduced to vinyasa flow in 2011 and immediately fell in love. Every time she stepped on her mat, she felt strong, at ease, and connected with herself and her body in a new, powerful way. It wasn't long before she decided she wanted to become a yoga instructor so she could share her love and passion for the practice with others. Lauren believes yoga can be used as a healing, empowering, and transformative process in people's lives. She loves to teach the same way she practices: by designing fun, powerful, and challenging flows. Lauren enjoys working with a wide variety of students and watching them push passed perceived boundaries or limitations to discover their own power on the mat. Yoga helped Lauren develop a profound sense of gratitude for her body and all the incredible things it is capable of doing. She hopes to help her students cultivate that same sense of gratitude and self-acceptance, regardless of one's shape or size. She plans to complete specialized training to provide trauma-sensitive yoga to underserved and marginalized communities.

Erin Cummings

Erin grew up in Wichita, Kansas and moved to the Houston area in 2010. She completed her SUP Teacher Training in August of 2014 and finished her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Awakened Yoga in March 2015.In May 2015 Erin opened up Awakened Yoga SUP, because yoga on water is unlike anything else. Being on the water and taking a yoga class lets you connect with nature and become completely immersed in your senses and in the Pillars of Baptiste Yoga.

Currently Erin is working towards becoming a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, she completed Art of True North Alignment Training in April 2015 and she recently completed Level One training in February 2016.

When Erin isn't in the yoga studio she keeps herself pretty busy... she is very passionate about being a wife and mom, plus she loves cooking, gardening, sewing, photography, painting and DIYs! Yoga has given Erin the complete mind, body and soul connection that she has always desired and she can't wait to share her experience with you.

Heather Hutson

Growing up in the small town of Needville, Tx, Heather was first introduced to yoga by a Denise Austin DVD. She didn't know what chatarunga meant, but knew it was fun to say. Being an athlete most of her life, she found the space to be, breath, and move in harmony with her body a wonderful yet scary change from the performance based activities. Heather's goal in teaching is to create a clear non-judgmental space for her students to tune in, breath deep, and move with gratitude and acceptance. Her passion for correct alignment, and creative sequences shines in all of her classes.
She started her practice at Awakened Yoga in 2014. After about a month of feeling awkward, she settled into this beautiful love story with her body, mind, and soul. Fine tuned focus, tension and pain relief, easier breathing, blossoming self love, and most of all space to create her best self all came into the picture.
After about a year of practicing at AY, Heather enjoyed the practice, atmosphere and students so much, she started working the front desk on the side for funsies. She then went on to finish her 200 HR R-YTT in early 2017 at Awakened Yoga Studio, where she enjoys giving back the goodness that has been received through this Divine practice.

Now Heather is the happy manager of the studio.
She encourages staying in tune with your inner drum, letting yoga meet you where you are at, and together forming a harmonious song.
A sweaty, challenging, and fun-filled heated vinyasa flow class! Open to the ambitious beginner, the seasoned yogi, and everyone in between.