Jenny started her journey with Yoga back in 2005 in a group class at a gym. With her competitive nature, she was instantly hooked, as she was challenged to achieve the poses in the class. Jenny’s initial practice was solely focused in the asana/physical practice of Yoga and not until later did she realize how much more Yoga was to her. Jenny is a retail leader when she’s not on the mat and Yoga brings balance to her life in the midst of the hectic retail world she lives in. Jenny was assigned to Hawaii, in 2014, to further her career and lead the Banana Republic stores in the Hawaiian Islands. “Carpe diem” was her mantra as she lived in Oahu. She spent a lot of time hiking, being out on the water and simply being out with nature. In the summer of 2015, she took the opportunity to deepen her Yoga practice and completed her Teacher Training at Power Yoga Hawaii, where she taught part time immediately after her certification. Jenny is also in love with Acro Yoga and was an active member of the community in Hawaii. She’s now back home with her hubby, Josh, in TX and is now the District Manager of Athleta. She is thankful as she is able to live her dream job and able to weave her work and personal life seamlessly. Expect an energized, sweaty, powerful flow in Jenny’s class.

Jenny is currently not instructing any classes.