40 Day Revolution: Week 1

Amber CallahanAnd so it begins. Week 1: Presence

I've made a commitment to myself for the next 40 Days to participate in a Revolution with Awakened Yoga Studio.  I am not going to lie that I'm nervous and a little scared.  I think I'm most scared because I KNOW there are things in my life that are not serving me well and I have been refusing to acknowledge those things.  I'm scared because I have made a commitment to gain clarity and balance through this 40 Days.  The clarity scares me more than the balance in all honesty because I specified clarity in what brings me "joy."  There are things in my life that bring me immense joy, while, quite truthfully, destroy my spirit at the same time.  So, my challenge will be building the strength that I need to make some tough choices about what I want my life to look like. And, in all honesty, I am really tired of making tough choices.  That's been the theme in my life for far too many years.   But, I know there is more work to be done (we're all a work in progress, right?)  and I'm hoping this Revolution gives me the push to address some of the things in my life that need to be addressed.

Some of these areas were glaringly obvious during the orientation meeting on Sunday.  We were asked to get in a circle and step to the center of the room when we agreed with a statement.  There were a few statements that struck hard today.

  • My relationships nourish me. (I did not step in.)  This was the hardest statement to not step in because I wanted to so badly.  I am surrounded by amazing people, but there are also relationships in my life currently that are destroying my spirit.  And it is not because the people are deliberately trying to hurt me.  It's that, even though they care about me, they are emotionally unavailable.  And, that's a tough place to be.
  • I believe I am treated as I ought to be. (I did not step in.)  This goes right along with the relationships not nourishing me.  Yes, I do believe that the majority of the time I am treated fairly, but I do also know that in some cases in my life, I deserve more than what I am being given.  So, in the end, don't we really dictate how we are treated by setting boundaries with those around us?
  • There are areas of my life where I need to be more present. (I stepped in.)  Absolutely.  And, this is where the balance piece comes in.  Since I'm self employed I work pretty much 24/7.  I want to find better balance between work and play and relationships (this includes my children).

My commitment.

  • Practice yoga 6 days a week (ideally 5 days at the studio and 1 day at home).  I currently exercise in some form or fashion just about every day of the week (I do try to take at least one day off).  This will be upping my yoga practice, though, from 3 to 4 days a week and I am so excited.  There are some things I want to accomplish in my practice (headstands and headstands and some other flight poses) that I am hoping to achieve by upping my time on the mat.
  • Meditation. I was meditating daily all summer, but got away from it.  During this challenge I am committing to meditation each morning and evening.  I know this is something that needs to happen for me again and I am excited about it becoming part of my daily routine.
  • Diet. I eat pretty cleanly the majority of the time, but have gotten off track the last few months with way too many meals out and way too much wine.  I may be a nutrition coach, but I'm not perfect.  I'm committing to less meals out and cutting back on the wine!
  • Personal Journal.  I am committing to being transparent in the journaling process and will be sharing much of that in this blog over the next 40 days.  I figure my experiences could very well help someone else.
  • Weekly Workshops and Meetings. I am very excited about the workshops and the weekly meetings!  Looking forward to being part of a community throughout this process.

So, on this first day of my Revolution I have completed my morning meditation, had my smoothie for breakfast and have begun my readings from Baron Baptiste's book.  And to those of you participating in the 40 Day Revolution, I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you.

Amber Callahan


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