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March Staff Of The Month - Chinelo Ikejimba

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Teacher Feature - Melissa Stocks

Melissa Stocks is our Teacher Feature for today! She is an ESL Teacher at Sugar Mill Elementary.

-Why did you become a Teacher? I always wanted to be a teacher. My mom and most of the important women in my life were in education. Most importantly, I just love working with kids and watching them learn and grow.

-How does yoga help with your teaching? Yoga is my me time. It allows me to let go of the stress of my job. After a yoga class, I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next day at school.

-What it means to be apart of the Awakened Yoga Family and what Awakened Yoga has done for you? Awakened is so personable! I never leave without interaction with staff or fellow yogis. I'm always glad that I've been to class and take a positive feelings with me as I leave the studio. It has given me more confidence and a respect and love for what my body is capable of doing!

-What is your favorite yoga pose? Half pigeon. I used to hate it. But now, it reminds me of how far I've come in my practice.

-What is your favorite style of yoga or class here at Awakened Yoga? I have so many! I love the different styles provided by different teachers. From Saturday morning slow flow to Heated Forrest, there is something for any mood I'm in!
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Student Feature - Devan and Neha Nair

Another set of awesome siblings, Devan and Neha Nair!


Neha, older sister to Devan, attends Cornerstone Elementary School. She loves to sing and dance and aspires to be a dancer when she grows up. Her favorite class at school is Art, because she thinks it is fun. Neha enjoys coming to Awakened Yoga because she gets to do yoga with her friends and it helps her mind at school. Neha's favorite yoga pose is candlestick.


Devan Nair attends Cambridge Montessori School. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up just so he can plant his own flag on the moon! Devan's favorite class is recess because he doesn't have to do any work! He enjoys coming to Awakened Yoga because he really likes his yoga teacher and yoga has made him more flexible at school. Devan's favorite pose is wheel!

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Teacher Feature - Tami Cohn

-Why did you become a Teacher?
For the moments when children finally have a concept click, that feeling is exciting. Hmm guess that's more why I still teach. Spring break brain has set in!

-How does yoga help with your teaching?
It has taught me techniques to help destress after a rough day and it keeps my focus on what is truly important.

-What it means to be apart of the Awakened Yoga Family and what Awakened Yoga has done for you?
To be part of a supportive fun loving group.

-What is your favorite yoga pose?
In the classroom 'rock the baby', it tickles me to see my kinder students attempt it. Their laughter is infectious! In SUP, dancer! In the studio, any that make me feel awesome on any given day!

-What is your favorite style of yoga or class here at Awakened Yoga?
I am beginning to like them all because no matter my mood I can find a class.

(Melissa, Tami, and Megan - from Left to Right)

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Student Feature - Madeline Nassif

My name is Madeline Nassif.  I am 17 years old and am a senior at St. Agnes Academy. My current courses include Astronomy, Social Justice, and the 1960s. Next year, I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin and will study Social Work.

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-How does yoga help you as a student?

As a high school student, my life is filled with projects, tests, and essays. As a senior in high school, my life is filled with the aforementioned list as well as the trials of preparing for college and leaving home. Lately, I have found that breathing—which is so stressed in yoga—has helped me calm down and center myself when I feel that I am being pulled in many directions. Breathing deeply, I feel my body relax and come to center, ready to move on to the next task. As well, adding a yoga class into my tight schedule makes me feel accomplished and reassures me that I can finish my to-do list.

-What do you love about Awakened Yoga?

I love Awakened Yoga because of the community. There’s so much encouragement, so much support, and so much laughter. There’s never judgment. Awakened Yoga makes the practice about the individual, not the ideal.

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-What is your favorite yoga pose?

My favorite yoga pose is bird of paradise.

-What is your favorite style of yoga or class at Awakened Yoga?

My favorite type of class is Hot Flow, although I also enjoy Forrest.

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Student Feature - Aaron and Ethan Chang

Today we are featuring two of our awesome AY Kid's Yoga dudes, brothers Aaron and Ethan Chang!


Ethan Chang, older brother to Aaron, is a 6th grader at Fort Settlement Middle School. Ethan wants to be a professional violinist when he grows up, because he enjoys playing the violin. His favorite class is Orchestra, his teacher is nice and it allows him to play his violin daily. Ethan loves Awakened Yoga because the space is calm and relaxed, and yoga helps him manage his anxiety and nervousness through breathing exercises at school. Ethan's favorite yoga pose is savasana!


Aaron Chang, a 1st grader at Colony Meadows Elementary, wants to be a professional video game player when he grows up, because he enjoys playing video games! Aaron's three favorite classes at school are math, science, and social studies. He enjoys his classes at school and thinks his classes are fun. Aaron loves Awakened Yoga because it helps him breathe and be flexible. Yoga has really helped him at school, especially during reading, and is now able to sit still and read. Aaron's favorite pose is savasana, too!

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Teacher Feature - Nicky Kitagawa

Student of The Month - Nicky March

Nicky has been teaching at Clements High School for over 16 years. She currently teaches Math and is a Coach....technically it is her 20th year at the school because she graduated high school from there as well. Nicky said "They call me Coach Kit.  I coached soccer for the first 15 years and now I help with tennis.  I actually do have to drive a bus!"

- Why did you become a teacher? I was inspired by one of my former math teachers. He made a challenging course enjoyable and accessible and that's what I try to do for my students.

- How does yoga help with your teaching? I just started practicing yoga last May and what a difference it has made in this past school year! I'm way more calm and I don't let things bother me as much. There's no way I could have handled some things the way I did this year without yoga in my life. 

What it means to be apart of the Awakened Yoga Family and what Awakened Yoga has done for you? I tried yoga at one other point in my life and I didn't enjoy it. I know it had everything to do with the place and the teacher. Awakened is like a 2nd home to me. I have loved every class that I have been to and each teacher brings an energy and style that is all their own, but each one speaks to me and positively impacts me in some way. I didn't realize how much I needed yoga, but more importantly a place that would allow me to fall in love with it.

- What is your favorite yoga pose? Upward dog on a SUP board when I can feel the sun on my face and smell the fresh air.

What is your favorite style of yoga or class here at Awakened Yoga? Tough! I like Hot Flow and Hot Power Flow and, of course, SUP. But, have really started to like Forrest.FB_IMG_1444602334232

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40 Day Revolution by Cassie Noble

Finding my roots…
“You’re always 2 years ahead of yourself, slow down,” my mom would often tell me throughout my childhood. During date nights, my husband would set ground rules that we 'couldn’t talk about any future plans'. In other words, I struggled with presence. I always found the present to be a “waiting place” that produced discontentment and anxiety. I wanted it all and I wanted it all right now. I think this is why I gravitated to yoga 4 years ago. It forces me to live within a moment- within a breath; however, I never carried that practice off the mat, until the 40 days. The combination of meditation, focusing on diet, and self-reflection (and of course, lots of yoga) taught me how to enjoy each breath of moments in life. I have found myself thinking less about “where am I going to be in a year?” and more about “here I am.”

Expectation did not meet reality. What I expected was 40 days of yoga (easy, right?); in reality, it was a 40-day journey to finding myself (whoa.) The revolution was three-fold: body, mind, and in a sense, spirit. Through the weekly meetings, Erin and Grace offered a safe place to celebrate successes, create meaningful reflection, and to connect with our community of ‘revolutioners’ through our failures. The party at the end was well earned! Each week offered a relevant theme, and the last week’s theme was “triumph”; I learned, however, 40 days was not the end, but actually the beginning. For me, the 40 days planted the seeds of being gratified with the here and now. I still find myself pondering the future, but I am no longer in a rush to get there. I have found my roots, and from here, I will rise.