40 Day Revolution by Cassie Noble

Finding my roots…
“You’re always 2 years ahead of yourself, slow down,” my mom would often tell me throughout my childhood. During date nights, my husband would set ground rules that we 'couldn’t talk about any future plans'. In other words, I struggled with presence. I always found the present to be a “waiting place” that produced discontentment and anxiety. I wanted it all and I wanted it all right now. I think this is why I gravitated to yoga 4 years ago. It forces me to live within a moment- within a breath; however, I never carried that practice off the mat, until the 40 days. The combination of meditation, focusing on diet, and self-reflection (and of course, lots of yoga) taught me how to enjoy each breath of moments in life. I have found myself thinking less about “where am I going to be in a year?” and more about “here I am.”

Expectation did not meet reality. What I expected was 40 days of yoga (easy, right?); in reality, it was a 40-day journey to finding myself (whoa.) The revolution was three-fold: body, mind, and in a sense, spirit. Through the weekly meetings, Erin and Grace offered a safe place to celebrate successes, create meaningful reflection, and to connect with our community of ‘revolutioners’ through our failures. The party at the end was well earned! Each week offered a relevant theme, and the last week’s theme was “triumph”; I learned, however, 40 days was not the end, but actually the beginning. For me, the 40 days planted the seeds of being gratified with the here and now. I still find myself pondering the future, but I am no longer in a rush to get there. I have found my roots, and from here, I will rise.


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