Teacher Feature - Nicky Kitagawa

Student of The Month - Nicky March

Nicky has been teaching at Clements High School for over 16 years. She currently teaches Math and is a Coach....technically it is her 20th year at the school because she graduated high school from there as well. Nicky said "They call me Coach Kit.  I coached soccer for the first 15 years and now I help with tennis.  I actually do have to drive a bus!"

- Why did you become a teacher? I was inspired by one of my former math teachers. He made a challenging course enjoyable and accessible and that's what I try to do for my students.

- How does yoga help with your teaching? I just started practicing yoga last May and what a difference it has made in this past school year! I'm way more calm and I don't let things bother me as much. There's no way I could have handled some things the way I did this year without yoga in my life. 

What it means to be apart of the Awakened Yoga Family and what Awakened Yoga has done for you? I tried yoga at one other point in my life and I didn't enjoy it. I know it had everything to do with the place and the teacher. Awakened is like a 2nd home to me. I have loved every class that I have been to and each teacher brings an energy and style that is all their own, but each one speaks to me and positively impacts me in some way. I didn't realize how much I needed yoga, but more importantly a place that would allow me to fall in love with it.

- What is your favorite yoga pose? Upward dog on a SUP board when I can feel the sun on my face and smell the fresh air.

What is your favorite style of yoga or class here at Awakened Yoga? Tough! I like Hot Flow and Hot Power Flow and, of course, SUP. But, have really started to like Forrest.FB_IMG_1444602334232


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