Student Feature - Aaron and Ethan Chang

Today we are featuring two of our awesome AY Kid's Yoga dudes, brothers Aaron and Ethan Chang!


Ethan Chang, older brother to Aaron, is a 6th grader at Fort Settlement Middle School. Ethan wants to be a professional violinist when he grows up, because he enjoys playing the violin. His favorite class is Orchestra, his teacher is nice and it allows him to play his violin daily. Ethan loves Awakened Yoga because the space is calm and relaxed, and yoga helps him manage his anxiety and nervousness through breathing exercises at school. Ethan's favorite yoga pose is savasana!


Aaron Chang, a 1st grader at Colony Meadows Elementary, wants to be a professional video game player when he grows up, because he enjoys playing video games! Aaron's three favorite classes at school are math, science, and social studies. He enjoys his classes at school and thinks his classes are fun. Aaron loves Awakened Yoga because it helps him breathe and be flexible. Yoga has really helped him at school, especially during reading, and is now able to sit still and read. Aaron's favorite pose is savasana, too!