We've had A LOT of questions regarding KICKASANA 2016, and hopefully this blog post will answer a few questions! 

When does it start?
May 1st

How much is it?
FREE TO SIGN UP, just pay for your yoga!

What is required?
-20 yoga classes at Awakened Yoga in 31 days
-20 Meditation times at home in 31 days

Extra information regarding the Challenge
-Workshops count as 1 class. 
-You can double up on yoga classes.
-Meditation can be done for any length of time.
-We've updated our class schedule, so use KICKASANA as an opportunity to try out a new class or class time!

How do I keep track of my classes and meditation times?
We will be providing you with a postcard that you will leave at the yoga studio with your name on it. Each time you take a class or meditate, grab your card and have our front desk person give it a whole punch! 

Why did you add Meditation to the challenge this year?
May is National Month of Meditation! We wanted to encourage everyone to continue the meditation practice that you started from The 40 Day Challenge, check in with it, or create a new practice!

I don't meditate and don't want to do the challenge!
Don't worry, this is all on your own, and YOU create the length of time you meditate. We will be providing you with materials on setting up your meditation practice along with tips and tricks to get you started! Think of this as an opportunity to grow your yoga practice. Yoga is not just about classes and asanas (poses) but about the mind as well. Don't get discouraged!

So....what am I supposed to think about and do for the time I am meditating on my own?
Meditation is time for you to quiet your mind. If you have never meditated before, just spend 5 minutes to yourself sitting quietly or focus on your breath, just like at the beginning of each yoga class. We will provide you with you tube videos and podcast information to help with guided meditation if you find yourself struggling. 

I already meditate, how can this help my meditation practice?
Use this as an opportunity for growth! Start with 5 minutes the first week and increase by 5 minutes each week until the end of May! This part of the challenge is all about YOU, create the opportunity to push yourself just like you are with your classes. 

I'm going to be gone a few days in May.....
Don't worry you can take as many classes as you need per day to get all your 20 yoga classes completed! We just recommend an average of 5 per week. 

How do I sign up?
You can sign up online at or stop by the front desk and put your name on the sign up sheet! 


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