Meet Heather - Our Yoga-lebrity Teacher of the Month!

Meet Heather, the Studio Assistant, front desk guru, babysitter, and yoga instructor! She wears many “hats” in the studio as well as outside of it. She also cuts /styles hair, and slings Kombucha. Since attending the studio she has awakened  clarity of mind,  acute focus, loving self talk, which has led to a stronger sense of self.

What do you enjoy most about Awakened? The diversity of teachers, their unique styles, and the various types of classes.

What is your favorite thing about practicing yoga? It is an appointment to check in with my body, my mind, and my emotions, then feed myself what I need.

What would you tell your teenage self? It is okay to stand out. BE  HUMBLY YOURSELF! Those that are mean are fighting their own internal struggles. Don’t take it personal.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I went with CHI’s artistic team to style hair at New York Fall Fashion Week in 2014.



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