1:17 pm

Meet Josh! He's Our Yoga-lebrity of the Month!


Meet Josh, a dynamic flowing yogi! Outside of the studio he is a private teacher that specializes in dyslexic and pre-school age children. He was born in Houston, and now lives in Sugar Land with his wife of 20 years. They have 2 children (10 and 14). He would like a dog but, not yet...

What are you currently listening to? Mainly I listen to good ole boy country, gangster rap, and speed metal, especially on the way to yoga class.

What do you like about AY Studio? I like taking different yoga classes at different studios, but I find myself more and more at Awakened. I really like the consistency in the quality of teachers. I like that I don’t finish most classes because I’m pushed to my limits. I also like that the teachers consistently offer modifications to accommodate all the different levels of students.

What is your favorite thing about the studio? My favorite thing is the extended community—class, social media, and off the mat friendships.