Four Ways Kids Can Benefit From Yoga

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1.  Kids yoga is strengthening and energizing.

Doing yoga on a regular basis helps build strength and creates body awareness.  Kids are more willing to try poses that require different muscles than typical exercises in a yoga class. Yoga poses require kids to learn to support their own body weight which builds bone & joint strength and results in a more confident child, better posture and better body response.  Plus, teachers include talking about different muscles used in poses which gives children a greater awareness of how their bodies work and a better sense of coordination.

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2.  Kids yoga introduces mindfulness, focus, and better concentration skills.

Kids live in a hurry-up-to-the-next-activity world.  Video games, Youtube, and social media has resulted in shorter attention spans.  Yoga introduces kids to being present (like when they are in a balancing pose), focusing on their breath, and even meditation.  Yoga poses promote stillness and quieting of the mind so that they can better manage the constant stimulation that is just a regular part of all of our lives.  

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3.  Kids yoga helps kids become more flexible.

Bodies that are strong also need to be flexible.  Flexibility keeps children from getting hurt as much in daily activities as well as strenuous activities like sports or dance.  Yoga is a form of movement that not only builds strength but also focuses a great deal on flexibility and lengthening muscles in a safe way.

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4. Kids yoga reduces stress and teaches kids to relax.

Kids, like us, are stressed.  Homework, social pressures, after school activities, family dynamics and more and create stress for a child.  Yoga gives kids permission to let go, to not just relax but to also feel the stress and allow for release of stress.  Yoga, even a fun kids yoga class, calms the mind and soothes the soul.  Different games and exercises that help kids connect to their breath increases their capability to focus and lung capacity too! Kids often report that they remember their "yoga breath" when things get stressful. 


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