Prenatal Yoga & Upavista Konasana- Why You Need This

Upavista Konasana

The practice of Prenatal Yoga has many benefits for those of all trimesters, ranges of mobility and levels of practice. Prenatal Yoga helps you in developing proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor. Many of the poses offered in a prenatal practice are focused on pelvic floor exercises and hip openers. Prenatal yoga practice supports mind body health as the body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. You need yoga if you are expecting.

One of the poses most commonly offered in prenatal yoga classes is the pose Upavista Konasana. It is a seated wide leg forward fold and targets the hamstrings and lower back. The simple act of sitting in this position will bring length into the backs of the legs. This releases muscle tension that is felt in low back and hips.

This pose is one of the many pelvic floor exercises offered in prenatal yoga. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that encloses the bottom of the lower pelvis. This group of muscles includes the perineum and pelvic diaphragm. Pelvic floor exercises are vital for expectant moms because it helps to prevent tears in the perineum.

During pregnancy you need this exercise. It increases the mobility of the pelvis, which helps the birthing of the fetus. The pelvic floor serves as a gateway from interior to exterior. That’s why the elasticity of the musculature in this area of the body is a main focus for prenatal students.  This exercise gives us a better understanding of our ever changing pelvis during our pregnancy.

Wide leg seated forward fold-Upavista Konasana, offers so much for such a simple action.

·       Widens pelvis

·       Releases tension in in hamstrings

·       Relaxes pelvic floor

·       Grounds lower body

·       Encourages release in spine, neck & shoulders

·       Increases hip joint mobility

 How to do the pose:

·       In seated posture, take legs as wide as is availability for your range of motion

·       Toes and knees facing upward

·       Backs of legs grounding down

·       Stay upright with the pelvis tilting forward

·       If you’re more adept in yoga, hinge forward at the hips placing palms to floor

·       Stay in pose for a couple of rounds of deep breathing

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Melanie Comegys E-RYT 500 has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2011. Please come join her as she leads you through this relaxing and beneficial practice.


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