Prenatal Yoga & Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) - Why you need this!


We are looking at prenatal yoga and the benefits of poses practiced when expecting. Yogis in any trimester, with any range of mobility can receive substantial benefit from prenatal yoga. In a prenatal yoga class, students learn variations of poses as well as breathing and relaxation techniques that are safe and targeted for expectant moms. If you are expecting, you need prenatal yoga to help you with techniques focused on relaxing breath, body, mind and soul.  


This week we continue with our blog with another post from our prenatal yoga teacher, Melanie!  This week we explore another beneficial pose for prenatal yogis. Triangle pose or Utthita Trikonasana.


In prenatal yoga, we often use this pose, to help with a variety of issues you find with pregnancy. It is a standing wide leg side bend. It targets hips, calves and foundation. By no means is this a simple pose, but it is a basic shape that everyone can participate in. Bringing the student much needed sensation of grounding and foundation. Pregnancy comes with issues of balance, and this pose offers a deep awareness to stabilizing legs and feet. Finding stability in this pose can bring transformation to finding stability in life. We need to feel strength and stability every day. We need to feel supported. We want support as we prepare for this tiny new being.


Triangle is the most common pose offered in all yoga classes. But for the prenatal yogi, this pose comes with challenges that bring great benefits. Targeting the inner and outer hips provides an opening that all prenatal students need to insure pelvic floor opening. This pelvic floor muscles help us to deliver. It is also very common for expectant students to experience leg cramps. Triangle pose helps to decrease cramping through lengthening and stretching the gastrocnemius - calf muscle. Standing poses are vital for expectant moms because they also increase balance, strength and stability.


Triangle pose increases the mobility of the legs, hips, low back and torso and creates a vital link to the support we need in our pelvic floor and legs. Triangle constructs a solid connection with our feet. It helps us see the importance of finding stability everyday as we navigate the changes of our growing bodies during pregnancy.


Triangle pose presents an opportunity to work the following:

  • Brings length to inner/outer hips
  • Stretches calf muscles
  • Elongates oblique muscles
  • Stabilizes foundation
  • Strengthens knee joints
  • Provides flexibility in torso


How to do the pose:

  • Stand with feet wide
  • Front toes facing forwards
  • Back foot parallel or 45 degree angle
  • From upright position, shift pelvis back
  • Front hand to block or floor on the outside of the calf
  • Stay in pose for a couple of rounds of deep breathing


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Melanie Comegys E-RYT 500 has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2011. Please come join her as she leads you through this relaxing and beneficial practice.


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