Prenatal Yoga & Anjneyasana (Low Lunge) - Why You Need This!


Prenatal yoga offers us the opportunity to look at the way we practice devotion in our lives. Devotion to ourselves, our ever-changing bodies and the new life that we are bringing into this world. Anjaney is an avatar of the Hindu God Hanuman. In fact, it’s Hanuman in his most devout version. Anjaney devoted himself to studying the cycles of the rising & setting sun. And from this devotion brought us yoga practitioners the Sun Salutations. Anjaneyasana is a physical posture that has the ability bring us into a deeper devotional state of awareness, if you’re ready for it.

How appropriate this pose is as we delve deeper within the cycle of pregnancy, labor and birth, and our devotion to being a mother.  Practicing this low lunge pose in Prenatal Yoga has many benefits for those of all trimesters, ranges of mobility and levels of practice. By performing this pose, it can serve the expectant mom a refined awareness of the pelvis and spine. Low lunge focuses on pelvic neutrality, allowing the weight to move downwards into the muscles of the pelvic floor. This turns our attention to the sensation that comes into this region of our bodies during pregnancy as the weight of the baby moves down.

The focus for prenatal classes are on pelvic floor exercises and hip openers. This pose has the ability to open up hip flexors, working deep into the psoas, bringing length into the quadriceps and cultivating strength and stamina in the knee joint. And knee joint health is imperative during the pregnancy as the knee is a major weight bearing joint. The heavier we become, the more strength is needed in the knee.

If you are expecting you are already experiencing changes in balance, energy and hormones. Low lunge creates a deeper understanding of balance during pregnancy. Being practiced on one side and then the other, and how your body can notably feel different from left to right in this posture. The pose itself can feel somewhat unstable and requires a serious effort on the part of the student to create safety and stability.

Pregnant students need this pose to better help them understand the structure and muscles in the pelvis. Prenatal yoga practice helps to reduce natural risks that are often found in pregnancy, labor and delivery. Practicing this pose offers the opportunity for greater ease during delivery. The Relaxin Hormone found during pregnancy allows for deeper flexion within the pose. We have more awareness and control in the perineal floor and pelvic floor through this pose. This helps us participate more consciously during the birthing process.

Low Lunge -Anjaneyasana, offers depth, devotion and freedom.

  • Brings balance
  • Releases tension in quadriceps & groins
  • Promotes pelvic neutrality
  • Builds mental focus
  • Strengthens knee joints
  • Increases hip joint mobility

How to do the pose:

  • From all fours, step one foot forward/knee over ankle
  • Back leg to the floor, back top foot flat
  • Hands to floor, blocks, thigh hips or sky
  • Widen front foot/knee, to allow room for baby on the inner thigh
  • Hips heavy, moving down & forward
  • Stay in pose for a couple of rounds of deep breathing

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Melanie Comegys E-RYT 500 has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2011. Please come join her as she leads you through this relaxing and beneficial practice.



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