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We have been honored to be named among the Top 10 yoga studios in Houston. Here's what our students have to say about the studio.

"AYS always feels like home. It is not about the yoga, it is the amazing yogis, the many laughs and hugs shared over the years. The yoga is a bonus. My practice (yoga and meditation) has grown and continues to grow because of the guidance and encouragement of the extraordinary instructors. After 4 years of practicing at AYS, I am stronger, more mindful, inspired by many that I share my practice and most importantly, have learned to play again." 
- Lurlean H.


"I returned to the mat this past summer during a difficult time in my life.  Yoga has helped me find peace and calm during that time. I love the feeling of community at Awakened Yoga studio.  As a new student I was nervous about being able to keep up with the classes, but the teachers will work with you at any level.  I've made incredible gains with their instruction and I love the strength and flexibility I've gained, as well as the mental and spiritual benefits. Highly recommend this studio if you are looking for a warm, welcoming place to practice."
- Amber C.



"What I like about Awakened Yoga:  the most welcoming friendly environment of any studio I've been to.  The teachers know your name and are welcoming to all levels.  I love that there are many different types of yoga and the instructors are all unique.  The amazing yoga change my body and my outlook."

- Jessica W.

jessica w3


"I love everything about this studio - I called it my 2nd home: awesome teachers, great management, friendly environment, love & peace everywhere! Most important, happy crowd.  I love you, AY!"

-Elly C.
elly 2


"I've enjoyed Awakened Yoga studios for over a year now. I couldn't say enough positive things about this place. All the instructors are very helpful, nice, and unique. If it's your first time practicing yoga or if your a practicing yogie, awakened yoga studios has something for everyone."
-Trenton K.


"My experiences at Awakened Yoga have been wonderful! The friendly and engaging staff make you feel welcome and comfortable from the office manager with her warm and bubbly personality to the instructors who are encouraging, caring and helpful. It feels like a family when you attend a class and they miss you when you are unable to make it. The classes are fun, energetic, relaxing and challenging - there is something for everyone and I have never felt judged or self conscious for not being the most balanced or graceful individual. Attending regularly has not only improved my strength and balance, but I also feel that I have more inner peace. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to have fun, get fit and find peace."

-Rebecca V. (a very satisfied yogi)

"An environment of non-judgment; challenging, yet instructional classes; a carefully curated boutique; and most importantly, present, caring, genuine and knowledgeable teachers. I have been to other yoga studios across the country, from Portland, OR to New York City, and I haven't found one yet that is as complete as Grace and the team at Awakened. Thank you for offering such a beautiful and comfortable space to practice and learn the art of yoga!" - Aimee F.


"My return to yoga began last fall of 2014.  I am & will be forever grateful for the invitation from my friend to attend class at Awakened Yoga studio.  What started as an inquiry in regards to a specific yoga technique, gave me the opportunity to grow & develop on higher level I did not realize existed inside me.  Yoga was purely physical for me prior to this point, responding with temporary relief from muscle, soft tissue tension after practice.  The 40 day journey & lessons at this studio have given me insight & new perspective on life in regards to spiritual/physical growth.  With an enlightened spirit, I am making progress in ability to acknowledge & honor sensations, emotions & thoughts without judgment or attachment, face personal fears & make progress in life by stepping outside my comfort zone & dealing with the consequences of being myself in life on my yoga mat. My meditation practice has grown to benefit me in ability to be mindful & patient with myself & with others.  The shared practice & guidance with out judgment from the wonderful teachers & staff is one thing that I love & draws me to this establishment.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning as the universe unfolds itself on this life long journey. "
- Justin C.
justin c


"Prenatal yoga was the best!  I really believe that it helped me so much with delivery, staying in shape during pregnancy and bouncing back afterwards.  I would recommend your pre-natal series to every pregnant friend I have. It was such a great combination of still getting a great workout and also learning coping/relaxation techniques for the birth process, etc.   I really liked the fact that it wasn't easy, it was challenging and I enjoyed that during pregnancy."
-Christine S.

"The studio is the friendly spirit of acceptance for all students, young or old, experienced or new. This leaves room for one to be 'comfortable in his own skin' and enjoy the full benefit of the classes that best suit him. The only hindrances to progress are those one brings or creates for himself."
-Kit H.

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